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  • Name:Mark Nigro
  • Title:CFO/Senior Director

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  • Organization Name:Buffalo City Mission
  • Address:100 E. Tupper
    Buffalo, NY 14203
    United States

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  • Mission:
  • Buffalo City Mission exists to meet the spiritual and practical needs of the poor through the demonstration of the love and the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Overview:
  • Located in downtown Buffalo, New York, the Buffalo City Mission is the largest provider of services to homeless men, women, and children, regardless of religious beliefs, in Western New York. Operating in the fourth poorest city in the nation, with a poverty rate above 30%, the Mission continually offers immediate, emergency services to those in need of a hot meal, a place to stay and basic assistance. The Mission also offers long-term care through its transitional housing program called “The Dream.” In 2014, the Buffalo City Mission provided services to over 65% of homeless men, 91% of homeless veteran men as well as 40% of homeless women and 51% of homeless veteran women in the City of Buffalo and its surrounding communities. Each year, the Buffalo City Mission cares for over 6,000 people. Through the services it provides, the Mission saves the City of Buffalo and Erie County taxpayers over $30 million a decade.
    The need for both short-term and long-term services continues to grow annually in Erie County. In the last year, the number of meals served at the Mission increased by 25,325, the number of safe nights of sleep increased by 12,687 and the number of participants in The Dream increased by 13. The increasing need for services has led the Mission to develop a $31.5 million expansion plan which will add 68 long-term housing units and double the number of emergency beds available to 184. This project will allow the Mission to improve and expand its innovative programs aimed at addressing the root causes of homelessness (unemployment, drug addiction, mental illness, etc.) and guiding clients on pathways to sustainable success.
    Emergency services provided at the Buffalo City Mission include Emergency Food Service, for which 215,000 meals were served and Emergency Shelter Service that provided 85,000 safe nights of sleep for men, women, and children last year. Code Blue, BCM’s winter program that provides beds at emergency warming shelters in extreme temperatures (15 degrees Fahrenheit and colder), was able to provide an additional 2,534 safe nights of sleep to homeless individuals and those without heat. Through Emergency Food and Shelter Services, clients become familiar with the Mission staff and resources. Clients voluntarily move from emergency services to the Mission’s transitional housing program, called The Dream.
    The Dream is a comprehensive, long-term program which offers a number of services to address causes of homelessness and helps clients attain stable and sustainable lives. For each client, the Mission designs a recovery program tailored towards individual needs. These recovery programs include counseling, case management, domestic abuse counseling, intervention programs, child care, afterschool programs for children, financial literacy courses, GED programs and pre-collegiate studies. Through the process, clients gain the tools they need to hold a sustainable and meaningful job and live in safe, affordable and permanent housing. The goal is for all participants in The Dream Program to have attained steady employment and safe housing when their time in the program is complete. Each resident living in transitional housing at the Men’s Community Shelter and Cornerstone Manor for Women and Children participates in The Dream. Last year, 97 clients participated in The Dream Program and 203 clients were able to find safe and affordable housing.
    While the Buffalo City Mission has offered both short and long-term services throughout its history, The Dream Program has been refined and formalized over the last two years. Because of the length of time it takes for clients to pursue their Dream by first addressing challenges and then completing a pathway to success, anecdotal evidence of the program’s success is just beginning to become available. Year to date, the Mission has enrolled 84 individuals into The Dream with 16 students enrolling into a pre-collegiate, collegiate or a training program at the University at Buffalo’s Educational Opportunity Center, an adult education center that partners with BCM. BCM has seen three individuals graduate from college through The Dream. One individual earned an Associate’s Degree at Erie Community College and is now moving on to pursue his Bachelor’s Degree at Canisius College. Further, 12 individuals have found temporary employment and three others have found full-time employment within the last year.
    In addition to serving the needs of the homeless, the Buffalo City Mission is available to anyone in the community in need of help and support. Through community outreach programs, the Mission hosts a weekly food pantry, a thrift store, and offers holiday meals at its facility and through community deliveries.

  • History:
  • The Buffalo City Mission was founded in 1917 by a retired baseball player, Billy Sunday. An alcoholic turned evangelist, Sunday began the Mission by donating $8,400 to the Buffalo Evangelistic Association to create a rescue mission. The Mission began with chapel services and hot meals for the homeless. It later expanded to provide shelter and clothing during the middle of the 20th century in response to the increase in homelessness and poverty as a direct result of the Great Depression and veterans returning from World War II. In 1981, the Mission opened its first women’s and children’s shelter and safe-house for individuals victimized by domestic violence, fire, and other crises on Linwood Avenue in the City of Buffalo. To address the growing needs of homeless women and children in the region, the Mission raised $1.3 million in 1990 to build the first phase of Cornerstone Manor for Women and Children. By 2001, in an effort to reach the expanding population of homeless women and children in Western New York, Buffalo City Mission raised $16 million and in 2006 completed the construction of its current Cornerstone Manor facility located on North Street in the City of Buffalo. The Men’s Community Shelter and Buffalo City Mission administrative offices have been housed at 100 E. Tupper Street since 1984. Today, as the Mission continues to address the needs of the community, the organization is preparing for a $31.5 million expansion to increase the number of long-term housing units to 68 and double the number of emergency beds to 184. Almost 100 years since its founding, Buffalo City Mission and its dedicated staff still continue to help the homeless and impoverished men, women, and children throughout Erie County, New York.

  • Year established:1917
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