Agrinas Albanian Foundation (Pogradec, )


  • Name:Renato Preza
  • Title:Executive Director

Organization Address

  • Organization Name:Agrinas Albanian Foundation
  • Address:Lagja 2, Rruga Shaban Simixhiu,
    Pallati Ish Cerdhja
    Pogradec 7301

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  • Main phone:+355666000777

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  • Mission:
  • Agrinas - Albania Foundation (NGO & NPO) mission and states involvement in Albania Country by improving wide range economic environment, juridical and civic society platforms, through assisting in jointly participation with other NGO’s and GO’s , by delivering services in knowledge & information, technical assistances for a prosper, democratic and wealthy society; all the above blessed by GOD!
    Reducing the poverty & smoothing the gap between the poor and the rich by economical, development and investment actions in agricultural, natural resource project (fishery, forestry erosion reductions, forest nurseries, etc.) and all related managements toward financial and natural sustainability.
    Strengthening the rights & democratization layers, and, making the principles known by trainings, support / initiation and awareness, lobbying and advocating.
    Initiating women role, ethnical groups and persecuting / disabled people in all the manners of program implementations. ETC (ASK us)

  • Overview:
  • Agrinas - Albania is founded from the missionaries from AGRINAS - Netherlands in 1994. The vision of the Agrinas - Netherlands, since from the beginning of the work in Albania was to establish and start directly as an Albanian NGO that will continue on itself and be a support to all Albanian Community needs and be part in solving the communal problematic and see community transformation.
    Albania was established with its Albanian Board of Directors and with its Executive Management Structure under the Albanian law of NGO and Non Profit Law.
    Agrinas - Albania Foundation since in its formations in 1994 has been fully participating with the programs in Agricultural fields with focus in Fruits and Vegetable technical assistances. A side to these projects Agrinas - Albania was involved in Infrastructure Projects by improving irrigations channels, rural roads improvements and in the Extensions Service where a very good relationship with the Government Agricultural Institutions was established in cooperation with the Albanian Ministry of Agricultural and Food. All this projects had in focus reduction of the poverty and establishing new methods of agricultural managements by initiating farmer associations and making the community taking roles and responsibilities in decisions making.
    A project with the High Professional School was being implemented as well for training purposes and forming the young generations with the skills and knowledge bases for agricultural. A part of the youth activities, extension service applied a lot of field demonstrations with the farmers that most of them were parents of schools students.
    During the year of 1999 Agrinas Albania was mush involved in the Kosovo Crisis, where 4500 refugees were under treatments by homing them and taking health and food care on every day needs. This project was in cooperation with District Partner Organization and with the Municipality of Porgadec. During this phase Agrinas Albania Foundation was by the Dutch Ambassador who visited our projects and offices.

  • History:
  • Since 1995 AAF started to implement the Agro and Rural development Program with following projects:
    * Seed Multiplication Project Mokra Regions
    * Irrigation Systems Project Starova Commune
    *Initiatives programs.
    * Education Projects
    * Agricultural Extension Service Program
    * Kosovo Crisis Management (year of 1999)
    * Agricultural Program
    -Fruit tree Cultivations
    -Vegetables seeds Multiplications
    -Fruit Tree Nursery
    -Exchange of Experiences, Visits International
    * Natural Resource Program
    -Forest Improvement by raring and thinning actual local forest
    -Forest Tree Nursery

  • Year established:1994
  • Endowment:Unknown


  • Executive / Trustee board size:3
  • Advisory board size:7
  • Staff size:3

Board and Executive Names

  • Board Members / Trustees:
  • Klement Guci
    Gjergji Pihoni
    Petrika Petre
    Renato Preza

  • Executive Director / President:
  • Renato Preza

Staff Names

  • Key Staff:
  • Oligert Muçllari
    Endri Çela


  • Organization type:Grantseeker
  • Country of registration:Other
  • Identification #:K43924709F

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