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  • Name:Sara Pitchford
  • Title:Mrs

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  • Organization Name:Adventure Education Trust
  • Address:78 Marsh Lane
    Yeovil BA21 3BY
    United Kingdom

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  • Main phone:07970987425

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  • Mission:
  • The Adventure Education Trust is a charitable foundation set up to support those who are struggling to move forward in life. Focusing on supporting those people who believe that they are on the fringes of society and are experiencing difficulties in their relationships with themselves their families and the community or society they live in. We do this by providing innovative programmes and coaching support that enable individuals to identify the key areas in their life that they need to address and allowing them to realise their true potential.

  • Overview:
  • Adventure Education Trust has several years of working with young people who are on the fringes of society. We have worked closely with various youth offending teams, youth organisations and young people who have displayed limiting behaviour and experienced various unorthodox upbringings.
    We believe that giving young people opportunities to see life differently and allow them the make positive choices about the way they lead their lives is a powerful tool. Most importantly is the follow up and mentorship of the individual, the ability for them to talk with a trusted adult.
    The benefits to the young person will be to identify the impact of their behaviour on themselves, their families and the communities they live in and are part of. It will increase the self-esteem and self-confidence of the individuals. It will provide them with opportunities to be able to make positive life choices. This can be measured through a measurement of individual emotional wellbeing (CORE an emotional wellbeing measurement tool used by the NHS).

  • History:
  • Keith Ovenden and Ian Pitchford are the original founders of Adventure Education Trust. Through their years served in the military delivering leadership and apprenticeship programmes, came a passion of working with young people in the outdoors. Quite quickly they realised that the outdoors was an excellent environment and vehicle to make profound changes to peoples lives and give them opportunities to effect the way that they felt about themselves, ultimately giving them a foundation to build their future.

    When leaving the services they continued to build on their experiences and set out to deliver bespoke change programmes for young people. What they delivered and the results they achieved became a real success when working with those young people with emotional chaotic lives. This has often lead to working with those individuals from significantly challenging backgrounds.

    Although delivering activity since 2006, it was recognised that working as a charity and the ability to fundraise to support open programmes, would enable those on low incomes to participate on the courses and make a real difference. Therefore registration as a charity was achieved in 2013.

  • Year established:2013
  • Endowment:Unknown


  • Organization type:Grantseeker
  • Country of registration:United Kingdom
  • U.K. Charity Commission ID #:1154178