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  • Mission:
  • To foster self-empowerment of women and children so they can establish lives free of domestic and sexual violence.

  • Overview:
  • Clackamas Women's Services (CWS) is Clackamas County's primary provider of services for survivors of domestic and sexual violence. CWS' delivery framework is built upon trauma-informed best practices that promote self-determination. CWS employs a total of 41 staff members (35 full-time, 6 part-time) and has an annual budget of $2.5M. Encouraging service access for all ethnic communities, 30% of CWS service staff are bilingual/bicultural with language capabilities including Spanish, Russian and Hmong. In this way we represent marginalized communities within our geographic service area. CWS also works in close collaboration with a variety of culturally and population specific community partners such as Catholic Charities (El Programa Hispano/Project UNICA) and The Living Room, which serves LGBTQ youth. Our agency plays a critical role in the Tri-County area, closely partnering with nearly every public or private entity addressing domestic violence and sexual assault. This includes law enforcement, health care/mental health providers, schools, child abuse assessment centers and housing agencies.

    CWS is governed by a board of directors of diverse backgrounds and interests and presently numbers 12 of the 19 allowed, with a peer-elected executive committee. Other committees include: Finance, Fund Development, Human Resources, and Governance. The day-to-day operations are given to the Executive Director, who in turn, supervises the Management Team including: Development Director, Program Director, Assistant Program Director, Community Education Program Manager, Counseling Program Manager and Operations Manager. The vast majority of our budget and our resources are designated for direct services or client aid.

    Though no accreditation is required for Domestic Violence Services, CWS does abide by standards issued by the Federal Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and the Family Violence Prevention Services Act (FVPSA). CWS is also a member of the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, and have been approved for the State DOJ and DHS funding as the designated provider for Clackamas County. Lastly, we are in process of getting A Safe Place accredited through the National Family Justice Center Alliance (NFJCA).

    Populations served broadly at CWS include survivors of domestic and sexual violence primarily in Clackamas County (but also some in Multnomah and Washington counties), including special populations such as those needing translation services (Spanish, Russian, Hmong, etc.), older adults and individuals with disabilities. CWS serves approximately 2,100 people per year, representing the following demographics: 55% White (non-Hispanic), 35% Hispanic, 8% Asian or American Indian/Alaskan Native, 7% Black / African American, and 5% Other. 37% have limited English language proficiency. Age demographics are as follows 27% (Age 13-21), 29% (Age 22-30), 24% (Age 31-40), 10% (Age 41-50), and 10% ( Age 50+).

    CWS has a written diversity statement and views cultural competency as an ongoing and evolving process, utilizing the following strategies: employs 12 FTE Bi-lingual/Bi-cultural employees; has a formal partnership and financial contract with Catholic Charities; has a formal partnership with the Living Room (LGBTQQ) in which CWS is the fiscal agency and program partner, ensures access to in person and/or phone translation for all participant meetings; seeks training and consultation from culturally specific partners and participants in networks/collaborations that enhance such partnerships. Diversity on the board level includes cross cultural representation and is currently part of the Board Governance Plan. Other areas of diversity for the Board include rural representation, broad socio-economic background, three survivors, disability community representation, faith community representation, and gender representation. CWS also seeks diversity in the types of survivors represented on the board including; elder abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, and sex trafficking. CWS’ Executive Director, Melissa Earlbaum, is participating (by invitation) in the NAO Executive Director’s Leading for Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Leading for Change 6 month co-hort.

  • History:
  • CWS was incorporated in 1985 in order to provide emergency shelter for women and children escaping family violence. Our shelter was the only refuge for victims of violence in Clackamas County at that time. The original founders were from the Women's Center at Clackamas Community College, who first started the crisis line and then provided shelter in their individual homes.

    CWS opened the Family Justice Center and is serving record numbers; in the first quarter of 2015 alone, CWS has already served 50% of what was served in all of 2014. CWS is one of two DV agencies in the state with a full counseling program and designated Latina mental health therapist, and successfully launched Camp HOPE Oregon in 2014, sending 65 children to camp in summer 2015. In recent years, CWS has become an industry leader in developing the Village Model, an innovative model designed to break the isolation of domestic violence by creating a community of women from many different backgrounds with a shared experience. The success of this model is due to a commitment to individualizing services to the unique needs of each participant and has resulted in a 95% reduction in evictions and an increase of 65% in the number of participants with disabilities. CWS has been acknowledged by Portland State University as having a best practice program to train staff and volunteers, offering Trauma-informed Care which means “…programs and services are based on an understanding of the vulnerabilities of triggers of trauma survivors…so that these services and programs can be more supportive and avoid re-traumatization” (The National Center for Trauma Informed Care.)

  • Year established:1985
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