Choices Recovery Center, Inc (Roanoke, VA)


  • Name:Trish White
  • Title:Executive Director

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  • Organization Name:Choices Recovery Center, Inc
  • Address:1184 Coyner Springs Rd
    Roanoke, VA 24012
    United States

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  • Main phone:(540) 354-2657

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  • Mission:
  • Choices Recovery and Resource Center's mission is to give people seeking recovery from substance abuse and associated disorders the dignity of choice. To provide a safe and sober place where they can come and recieve the respect and support they need to develop,maintain, and sustain a sober life. Choices is a peer to peer support center. People with lived experience in recovery from addiction will help those seeking sobriety. It is our passion to help people develop a recovery program of action incorporating accountibility and responsibiltiy. We will help each individual create a purposeful and meaningful life. We will help build self- esteem.We offer many programs to help people develop skills for living a good and productive life. Job search and interview skills, parenting and family dynamic classes, budgeting, wellness mind body and spirit. We will provide sober social events and field trips. Each person will have a personal realtionship and guidance from a mentor/life coach.

  • Overview:
  • “Alcoholism and drug addiction affects every aspect of life. It effects the individual as well as the family's social, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well being . Addition is a chronic and progressive disease and therefore must be treated diligently and with compassion” Trish White, Executive Director, Choice Recovery Center, Inc.

    Choices Recovery and Resource Center
    Empowerment through Choice
    (540) 354-2657

    To provide a centralized location where people with substance abuse disorders can find connection with existing programs that can assist with basic needs. Food, clothing and safe sober shelter.

    To help establish and apply a structured recovery program incorporating accountability, responsibility and service.

    To improve overall physical and mental health. Connecting where needed with medical and dental care.

    To help access services and education needed to help obtain employment and housing.

    To offer help needed to create and maintain healthy relationships with employer, co-workers, friends, spouse, and children.

    To provide exposure to different forms of spirituality so that each individual may find there own way to a more meaningful sense of self and life purpose. Co-Creating a life with their Higher Power of choice

    To promote personal empowerment so that each individual becomes a functioning and contributing member of society

    To help people find a purposeful and meaningful life!

    Though a network of volunteers, and paid staff who have suffered from addiction and are in recovery from it, we hope to provide to those seeking recovery the following but not limited to services and programs:

    Establish a recovery program best suited to each persons needs

    Connect with resources that will support their recovery efforts

    Help to find resources to meet their medical and dental needs

    Help fill out forms



    Job search and interview skills

    Educations and GED program

    Blue Collar program to be established to support those wishing to learn a skilled trade

    Budgeting and managing money

    Shopping for food and clothing

    Parenting and family dynamics

    Wellness programs...mind ...body … spirit

    Recovery through the Arts, including music and drama

    Sober social events

    Field trips

    Recreational Sports

    Animal/Equine Therapy

    *As each person progresses in their recovery we will enlist their help to sustain and maintain Choices Recovery Center

  • History:
  • Choices Recovery Center was established in January of 2015. We incorporated May 1st 2015 and just received our determination letter from the IRS very recently giving us official non profit status. We have 35 volunteers as well as available qualified staff once funding is obtained. We are actively seeking a location. We have many fundraiser planned a committees already formed to support these efforts. We expect to recieve financial support from local hospitals as well as others like yourself both locally and nationally. We will be included in State funding when available as well. As Executive Director of Choices I have been very active over the past year with two of our local treatement centers as well as the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services of the State of Virginia assisting with seminars and educational programs raising awareness with regard to the stigma associated with alcoholism and drug addiction. Our first participant in our program had been unemployable for the last seven years due to her addiction and associated disorders. She came to Choice seeking assistance. She had a felony record and she had zero belief that anyone would ever hire her. We worked with her on 3 different occassions helping her draft a resume, role playing interview skills and providing her with the encouragement she needed to believe in herself. She started putting in application and with in two weeks she was hired and has remained employed. She rides the bus to work everyday and is saving for a small car. Just one of many success story we will have. As Exectutive Director I have spoken sharing my own story of addiction and recovery all of the country. Everybody knows somebody with an addiction problem. Help us at Choice help the suffering addicts and their familes recover. Addiction is not a choice, but recovery can be.

  • Year established:2015
  • Endowment:Unknown


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  • Advisory board size:7
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  • Country of registration:United States
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