Associação Projeto Ecossistemas Costeiros (Ubatuba, )


  • Name:Miss Gabriela Lourenço
  • Title:Master in Sciences

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  • Organization Name:Associação Projeto Ecossistemas Costeiros
  • Address:Rua Benedito Pimenta, 15 - sobreloja 2, sala 9
    Ubatuba 11680-000
    São Paulo

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  • Main phone:+551238338020

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  • Mission:
  • To encourage and promote education, research and social and environmental development in Brazilian coastal ecosystems. We aim cultural, natural and social heritage enrichement and preservation.

    Our main goals are to:
    - Promote social rights and property defense related to environmental and to coastal species and ecosystems' conservation.
    - Protect biological diversity and encourage the sustainable, rational utilization of natural resources.
    - Promote, support and encourage education, research and knowledge generation in all conservation-related science and technology fields to protect biological diversity.
    - Promote, support and encourage coastal ecosystems' biological diversity disclosure.
    - Promote, support and encourage human resource capacitation to act in the sustainable, rational utilization of natural resources in coastal ecosystems.

  • Overview:
  • The "Projeto Ecossistemas Costeiros" NGO incentives and accomplishes several environmental initiatives related to coastal species and ecosystems' conservation. Such actions are achieved through education, research and knowledge propagation.
    Among our main acting fields are technical courses in the environmental sciences; participation in conservation events; environmental education actions with schools and the general public in coastal environments; and participation in Brazilian Conservation Units’ Counsils.

  • History:
  • - Technical and Scientific courses (2003-2015): Since its creation, the NGO Ecosteiros has been developing several technical courses, mostly related to Marine Ecology and coastal ecosystems. Among them are introductory courses for the general public, such as

  • Year established:2003
  • Endowment:No


  • Organization type:Grantseeker
  • Country of registration:Other
  • Identification #:06.913.236/0001-03