Arulchandru special school for the mentally retarded (Ramanathapuram District, NA)


  • Name:Rev. jeyasingh rosario
  • Title:Special Education

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  • Organization Name:Arulchandru special school for the mentally retarded
  • Address:Arulchandru nilayam, Ulaganatha puram
    Vendhoni post, Paramakudi
    Ramanathapuram District, NA 623701

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  • Main phone:8940416737

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  • Mission:
  • The Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is an indigenous religious Congregation, the first of its kind in India, founded by Rev. Fr. Adrian Caussanel S.J., a French Missionary in the year 1903 in Tamil Nadu, India.

    With the charism of “Good News to the Poor” the Brothers have committed themselves to the service of Christ and development option for the Poor which they translate into action through the social apostolate.
    The Congregation has 32 communities with over 250 professed religious brothers spread all over the following five States of India.
    The following are the activities undertaken by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.
    a. Community based spiritual and development minist

  • Overview:

  • Generally, mental retardation has a strong association with the family history the possibility of mentally retarded child is associated with the maternity age of before 18 and beyond 35. In rural areas the incidences of retardation is more, due to nonscientific methods of delivery of the child. Such special children needs special educational care and required concerted efforts for their adjustment in the mainstream of society.

    The major causes of Mental Retardation in Paramakudi taluk:
    1. Marriage among close blood relations. This is mainly due to the belief that their ancestral property should not go away from their clan.
    2. The use of poor, unhygienic and unsterilized instruments during the following medical complications.
    o Initial assault to the neo natal brain being unidentified and unmanaged such as baby not crying immediately after birth.
    o Crude methods and unskilled manuals in the steps of labor like improper handling of the umbilical cord and placenta leading to severe blood losses leading either to maternal loss or death of the baby or in many cases unhealthy baby. In some cases unable to identify the complications of each stage of labor.

    Efforts taken by the Brothers of Sacred Heart:
    Ever since the centre was started by the brothers, they have been working in the field of training and education of mentally challenged children. Working in this field is actually a great challenge due to the ignorance, prejudice and biases of the community about these Mentally Retarded Children.When the organization started working on this issue, people's support was "Absolutely Nil". . These children were considered to be the "Curse of the God and sin of their past life". Due to lack of awareness and knowledge these children were deprived of their basic child rights and education.

    Every year the organization organizes various awareness programmes to sensitize the community about the problems of Mental Retardation. Organisation is also arranging parents meeting for their involvement in Training & Education of these children. Workshops and training programmes for teachers also organised by the organization. These programmes follow a two pronged approach i.e. both intervention and rehabilitation of Mentally Retarded Children.

    Our efforts to reach out to these deserving children are through community as well as institution based rehabilitation programs. Since all the villages are located within the radius of 10 to 15 kilometers, the children are picked from their homes every day and are dropped back in the evening. The children are provided with basic social and behavior skills, training on psycho-motor skills and basic education. The parents are trained as well to continue the treatment and rehabilitation at home.
    The beneficiaries are the Mentally Retarded children from the age of 3 years to 15 years. The number of children who benefit at present are 35 mentally Retarded belonging to 20 surrounding villages. All these children hail from the very poor socio economic background.
    Project’s Objectives:
    The main objective of establishing Arulchandru Special School is to give the right to education and Rehabilitation to the disabled children of the poor farmers and migrant labourersliving in villages around Paramakudi taluk.

    The following are the specific objectives of the project:
     To conduct proper research and identify all the problems faced by the beneficiaries and prepare the base ground to support them.
     To bring together the parents of the mentally retarded children under one organised body to work for the care, training, treatment and rehabilitation of the MR children.
     To prepare the home with the infrastructure that will be adequate enough to train the beneficiaries.
     To provide the training stage by stage as per the abilities of the girls.
     To find placements for the children to conduct skill based activities and earn their livelihood.
     To make the disabled more self-dependent and self-reliant.
     To place them in homes that will take care of them once they complete 18 years.

    Facilities presently available:
    There are only three class room available at present where the education is provided as pre-primary, primary and secondary levels. The children in Arulchandru Special School are grouped according to their aptitude and they are given training as given below;
    - Self-help training
    - Activities of daily living skills
    - Speech therapy
    - Physio therapy
    - Special alphabetical and numerical learning
    - Indoor games

    The centre also provides psycho-social care, medical care, different therapies depending upon the nature of the disability, and food and refreshment to the children. There are four trained staff to teach and to take care of the children. Other than those trained staff, there is one cook and one care taker to assist her. The children are provided with

  • History:
  • Arulchandru Special School was founded by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart in the year 2008 in response to the needs of thementally Retarded children living in and around the surrounding villages of Paramakudi. In the beginning, the brothers were involved only in evangelisation ministry. It was during their evangelical ministry, the brothers identified a large number of mentally retarded children in and around Paramakudi. Brothers surveyed the surrounding villages. From the findings of the survey as well as the experiences of the brothers from their various other ministries, it was found that the rate of mentally retarded children were quite high due to certain medical and social reasons and the situation was found to be quite alarming and required immediate intervention of brothers.

    Following are some of the mental disabilities found in this area.
    o Mentally retarded
    o Cerebral Palsy
    o Down Syndrome
    o Autism
    o Critinism
    o Micro Cephaly
    o Hydro Cephalic
    Thus the Brothers of the Sacred Heart wanted to plan and execute this rehabilitation project to mitigate the pains and sufferings of the people of this area by providing a long term solution to their problems through education and rehabilitation and the Arulchandru Special School for Mentally Retarded was established in the year 2008 which is run by the ANISE Society, a unit of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.

    Location of the Project:
    The Arulchandru Special School is situated at Ulaganathapuram which is 12 kilometres away from Paramakudi which is its taluk headquarter in the civil district of Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu, India. This can be reached both by bus and train till Paramakudi.
    A brief note on the socio-economic conditions of this area:
    People in this project area are underprivileged socially, economically, politically and culturally. Nearly 70% of the people live below the poverty line. Most of the population belonged to the most disadvantaged section of communities. Ramanathapuram district is a drought prone area and agriculture which is the main occupation of the people of this area suffers severely due to water scarcity. The low caste communities own only 10% of the land, which cannot be used for agricultural and other purposes. Thus the poor and the disadvantaged working classes totally depend upon the upper caste people for want of works in their land. Poverty, Illiteracy, ignorance, social and economic backwardness are some of the crucial problems faced by the people of this area.

    The parents of the disabled children are unaware of the educational facilities that are available for the disabled children and their belief is that they can’t get them educated because of their intellectual disability. The parents of the disabled children hesitate to send their children because the children have barrier in daily living skills. Most of the parents of the disabled children are farmers. The farming employs for 150 days that too depend upon the monsoon. Because of the above factors the people could not save money and are always in debt. They struggle to purchase basic food items that encourages their children more to follow their occupation than to complete their schooling.

  • Year established:2008
  • Endowment:Unknown


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