Conquerors Community Foundation (Lokoja, )

Work Address

  • Organization Name:Conquerors Community Foundation
  • Address:P.O. Box 742
    Lokoja 260001

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  • Mission:
  • Our Mission
    To raise philanthropic resources and use it provide basic facilities that will improve the living standard of less privileged people in the society and make them a part of the world.

  • History:
  • The idea to initiate an organization aimed at helping less privileged people to prevail against poverty and deprivation was born in 2006 in Lokoja by Conquerors Christian Mission as we imagine a world where many other people are compassionate about the needs of the needy and are responding to their needs. Knowing that it is not easy for people to become development champions, we simply believe that true, lasting and wide-spread social change can become a reality in our community if the church set a pace for others to follow. Therefore, in line with poverty reduction strategy of the government of Nigeria our organisation is committed to helping less privileged people of all ages and backgrounds in the community prevail against poverty and deprivation.

  • Year established:2006
  • Endowment:Unknown


  • Organization type:Grantseeker
  • Country of registration:Other

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Types of funding being sought (i.e. funding type)

  • Program:Yes
  • Capital:Maybe
  • Endowment:Yes
  • Direct:Yes
  • Operating:Yes
  • Research:Yes
  • Program Related Investment:Yes
  • Loan:Yes

Program areas of focus and activity (i.e. funding cause)

  • Disaster Relief:High
  • Education:High
  • Environment:High
  • Health:High
  • Human Services:High
  • International or Foreign Affairs:Medium
  • Public Benefit, Society Benefit:High
  • Religion:High
  • Other:Low

Geographic areas of focus and activity (i.e. geographic area)

  • National:Maybe
  • Regional:Maybe
  • State/Province:Yes
  • Local:Yes