Angel Light Link (Hallam, )


  • Name:Mrs. Sally McCracken
  • Title:Director

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  • Organization Name:Angel Light Link
  • Address:7 Carl Court
    Hallam 3803

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  • Main phone:(03) 9796 5054

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  • Mission:
  • Angel Light Link’s mission is to empower young women to transform their well-being through support and education. As a harm-prevention charity, our purpose is to prevent harmful behaviours, and to provide information and support to adolescent girls who are at-risk or struggling with mental health issues.

  • Overview:
  • Angel Light Link's vision is to see young women safe, empowered, resilient and whole. Our organisation supports young women aged 12-25; we are the only independent, not-for-profit service operating in Melbourne’s south-east with a specific focus on the needs of young females.

    Angel Light Link recognises that adolescent girls have different needs than adolescent boys, and considers the rights, social roles, development, expression and difficulties that adolescent females face. This approach is not simply about focusing on girls, but looks at developmental needs, societies influence, relationships, risk factors and behaviour in context of female development. Angel Light Link caters for the needs of young women by designing prevention and early intervention programs which are designed to build resiliency, nurture positive interpersonal relationships, build self-esteem, reduce risk factors and provide a physically and emotionally safe environment.

  • History:
  • Angel Light Link was founded in 2005 and began providing support to young women in 2006. For over 10 years, our experienced and caring youth workers and counsellors have been providing information and support for a range of issues that young women face in a rapidly-changing world. From interactive and informative school workshops, to activity-based support groups and individual counselling, Angel Light Link offers a range of tailored programs and support services to meet the needs of young women.

    Since being founded, more than 7000 teenage girls from 43 different schools have benefitted from information and support services provided by Angel Light Link.

  • Year established:2005
  • Endowment:Unknown


  • Organization type:Grantseeker
  • Country of registration:Australia
  • Australia Business #:40631078926