Child Success Foundation (Santa Monica, CA)


  • Name:Melissa Idelson

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  • Organization Name:Child Success Foundation
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    Santa Monica, CA 90405
    United States

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  • Main phone:(310) 899-9597

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  • Mission:
  • The founding mission of the Child Success Foundation is to provide financial assistance to families who cannot afford to seek sufficient care for their children struggling with developmental delays and/or learning challenges. In addition, the Child Success Foundation was established to provide community education and literacy training for early detection, assessments, and therapy intervention for families in need.

  • History:
  • The Child Success Foundation is very young. As the Foundation grows in assets and administrative capabilities, our goal is to provide children from all over Los Angeles with necessary services at qualifying therapy facilities or schools in their home neighborhoods. Ultimately, the need to broaden the base of Foundation providers will be driven by the needs of the children who present themselves for assistance.

    The Foundation, established as a California non-profit corporation filed for federal 501(c)(3) status as well as the corresponding California Franchise Tax Board nonprofit designation and was recently approved. Since those filings, we have received our initial gift of $25,000.00 from a generous Los Angeles-area family.

    To date, the foundation has used
    In addition to the development of education- based programs, the foundation seeks to:
    1) Establish a system for evaluating financial need of families needing services but unable to pay for them. Many of the private schools in the Los Angeles area use outside agencies/consortiums for evaluating need. It is our hope that one of these solutions will be appropriate for the Foundation.
    2) Establish a recipient outreach program for the Foundation, including a system of locating children with developmental needs whose families cannot afford to provide treatment for them.
    3) Establish a donor outreach program for the Foundation, including the creation of an informational website and hosting of fundraising events, the goal being to familiarize potential donor families with the Foundation’s mission and goals.
    4) Establish a program for qualifying providers, along with the accounting processes to support their activities on behalf of the Foundation. We expect this goal to be driven by our success in raising funds.

  • Year established:2007
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