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  • Name:Mrs. Florencia Spina
  • Title:Bachelor in Biological Sciences

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  • Organization Name:CEDEPESCA
  • Address:Rondeau 361
    Mar del Plata 7600
    Provincia de Buenos Aires

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  • Main phone:02234896397

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  • Mission:
  • The Center for Development and Sustainable Fisheries (CEDEPESCA) is a Latin American nongovernmental organization, with base in Mar del Plata, Argentina, whose mission is to work by sustainable and socially equitable fishing grounds in the region. In order to complete its mission, CeDePesca executes projects of diffusion, qualification, support and investigation of sustainable fisheries.
    We conceive a horizon where the fish activity constitutes a sustainable factor of social and cultural development.
    We encourage mechanisms of participation, interchange and dialogue with different actors from the fishing sector. We investigate, we enabled, we informed and we stimulated in the search of alternatives that contribute to the profit of sustainable fisheries in Latin America.
    The CeDePesca’s work is developed in three main areas:
    I. Communicational AREA
    Between its works in this area is the coordination of three electronic forums: The Latin American Electronic Forum of Artisan Fishworkers, with members of 12 countries, the Electronic Forum on “Dorado”, with members of Peru, Ecuador, Panama and Costa Rica, and the Electronic Forum of the Latin American branch of the World Ocean Network that connects members of educative institutions of the region.
    II. Educative AREA
    They realise efforts to take to the public opinion the conservation of marine resources problematic and realise productive advanced training courses and projects for the artisan sector. Also they enter within this work area the organization of courses and conferences that contribute to the formation of local researches.
    III. Fisheries AREA
    They foment enterprise the social and environmental responsibility, participation, incorporation of added value and the search of opportunities for fishing viability. Also the projects accomplishment of sustainable handling and the support enter within this area the improvement of fisheries management grounds for the sustainability.

  • History:
  • CeDePesca was founded on 1997, in Mar del Plata city. It’s a nongovernmental organization with legal function and position of agent granted by Buenos Aires province.
    CeDePesca’s work is recognized national and internationally. In 2005, it successfully organized a Latin American Regional Seminar with the attendance of the FishCode Program of FAO, 1rst to the 4 of March of 2005 in Santa Clara, Argentina. Artisan fishermen, Coastal Communities, Original Towns: To recognize its Rights of Access the Fishing Resources, condition for Sustainable Fisheries in Latin America (40,000 US$) in collaboration with the International Collective in Support of Fishermen and Fishworkers (ICSF).
    Like result, at the moment there is a web forum; it’s developed as part of our Communicational Program, which allows we maintain in contact with the fishermen community, scientists, decision makers and public opinion by means of material generally printed. The web site receives in average 15,000 visitors per month.
    In previous years, twenty vacated women of the port received training in processing and fish manipulation, development of new products, and management during six months with the finantiation (35,000 $) that CeDePesca received from the Ministry of Work to subsidize a Plan “To create Work”. The results were displayed before the corresponding authority and the public.
    Like continuity of this program, CeDePesca supports the qualification and development of new artisan fish products by means of the provision of packages and raw material to the Mar del Plata Municipal School of Technical Education Nº1.
    Other activities of CeDePesca have including dictating advanced Training Courses for Artisan Fishermen in White Lagoon (Neuquén), Paraná (Santa Fe and Entre Rios), Santa Clara, Madryn Port and Mar del Plata. CeDePesca has reunited to several members of the marplatense fishing sector in factories to discuss and to interchange ideas and opinions about subjects such as trasferibles individual quotas (CITs), fisheries artisan, the crisis of the white croaker.
    In Madryn Port and Mar del Plata several workshops were organized, about the problematic of Artisan Fisheries was discussed. In Buenos Aires a meeting was organized on the problem of Nonregulated Fishing in the High Seas.
    The Subsecretary of Fishing of Buenos Aires province is contributing to finance ($ 57,000) the Program “Let’s know our Sea” that impels CeDePesca to improve the exhibition and the maintenance of Mar del Plata municipal aquarium.
    From 2006, CeDePesca coordinates in Latin America the World Ocean Network, which unites marine aquariums and educative centres worldwide, public and deprived to work by a greater commitment of the public with the viability of the oceans.
    CeDePesca is member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in category B (d) - NGOs international.
    Within our Program of Voluntary Service, we received local and foreign advanced students who carry out thematic courses related to the boarded one.
    CeDePesca coordinated a program of qualification for artisan fishermen in Partido de La Costa, Buenos Aires. This program, executed altogether with the local Association of Fishermen and the National University of Mar del Plata, within the framework received financing ($17.000) of the SECyT (Secretariat of Sciences and Technology National) inside the program “Quality of Life and Social Economic Development”.

  • Year established:1997
  • Endowment:Unknown


  • Executive / Trustee board size:7
  • Advisory board size:0
  • Staff size:36


  • Organization type:Grantseeker
  • Country of registration:Other
  • Identification #:30-69261972-9

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