Community Based Environmental Conservation (COBEC) (Malindi, )


  • Name:Mr. Edward Mwamuye
  • Title:Project Manager

Organization Address

  • Organization Name:Community Based Environmental Conservation (COBEC)
  • Address:P.O. BOX 478(80202) Watamu
    Malindi 254

Organization Phone

  • Main phone:+254 0720825923

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  • Mission:
  • To conserve the natural resource heritage through conservation education, preservation of habitat and management of wildlife

  • History:
  • COBEC’s education and awareness programme does not target ‘the public’ in its broadest and amorphous sense, but people in recognisable assemblies. The awareness programme has been purpose-built to match particular audiences or recipients, whether they are officers or councillors in local government, staff in government agencies, community groups, industry and producer sector groups, students in formal education, etc. COBEC conducts awareness programmes through organized workshops, school visits, video presentations, production of newsletters, leaflets, stickers, posters etc.

    COBEC has two programmes that promote sea turtle conservation. One is a bycatch release programme where with the project staff works with fishermen and community turtle attendants to collect turtles accidentally caught by fishermen and release them back to the sea. Before releasing them, tagging and data recording takes place i.e. taking measurements for research purposes. This data is later computed and then analyzed for reporting purposes. The other programme is beach patrol, nesting mapping and monitoring. Patrolling is done on the beach to find out any nesting turtles. Patrolmen are expected to fill a nesting information form any time a nest is identified. Monitoring will continue until hatchlings come out.

  • Year established:2009
  • Endowment:Unknown


  • Organization type:Grantseeker
  • Country of registration:Other
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