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  • Name:Angela Murray
  • Title:Math College Readiness Coordinator

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  • Organization Name:Bellingham School District
  • Address:Deputy Superintendent's Office
    1306 Dupont Street
    Bellingham, WA 98225
    United States

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  • Mission:
  • The main goal of the Whatcom Math Project is to improve high school math education and teaching so that students, upon graduating from high school, will be ready to take college level math courses and reduce the need for remediation.

  • History:
  • Whatcom Math Project, formerly funded by a grant, was a consortium of 7 school districts, 2 colleges, and one university and was partnership in the statewide initiative known as the Transition Math Project. WMP continues to operate in a more limited capacity until future funding is secured.

    For the past three years, WMP has worked towards improving math instruction and curriculum by focusing on these four areas: 1). Providing outreach materials and products that inform parents and their children about the importance of taking math throughout their four years of high school. WMP provided school districts with math outreach products and messaging materials that helped students understand what it meant to be college ready in math. WMP also hosted several math community nights for our partner districts. 2). Product Development-In March 2006 a core group of WA State math and non-math educators, through TMP, developed the College Readiness Mathematics Standards (CRMS). Each of the Standards defines the core knowledge and skills expected of students entering college-level mathematics courses. The Standards also include the Student Attributes, a set of student chracteristics that math educators agreed were essential to succeeding in college-level mathematics courses. Through a statewide collaborative effort to illustrate the Standards and Attributes in a visually attractive format, WMP created the the CRMS Posters for teachers, students, parents, and the community. 3). Teacher-Created Professional Development-for two years WMP hosted the Lesson Writing Workshops for high school math and college instructors. Participants wrote math lessons that targeted the Standards and Student Attributes. Each lesson contained pre and post assessments, student handouts, detailed instructions for the teacher, and a list of resources. The finished lessons were packaged into a CD and distributed statewide for math teachers to use. 4). Data Collection: WMP collected information in 2007 and 2009 about the current state of math instruction and professional development needs from our partner schools and compiled the data into individual reports for each district.

    This year, WMP has been operating in a very limited capacity because of reduced funding. Due to budget cuts within the district, the program will be ending this year. However, WMP is seeking funding to continue some of the worthwhile work that math educators in our partnership and across the state have started this year. Specifically, a group of highly talented and motivated math teachers have been meeting on their own time to create a new Algebra II course. Beginning with the graduating class of 2013, students in WA state will be required to pass Algebra II in order to graduate. While this is a step in the right direction, many students will struggle in the tradtional Algebra II course and fail to meet this graduation requirement. To address this problem, WMP organized a few math teachers in our region to begin creating an alternative Algebra II course that is just as rigorous in content as a traditional Algebra II course, but is taught in a hands-on contextualized approach. The course, Algebra 2 Applied (A2A), is based on the state's Algebra II standards but focuses on teaching the material through projects and allows the students to see the mathematics come alive and actually have conversations about the mathematical processes. The ideal student for this course would be someone who completed Algebra 1 and Geometry but would benefit more from contextualized form of instruction. A2A hopes to address the challenges that historically underserved students are facing with respect to successfully completing high school math and being ready for college-level math without needing remediation. In many cases, students lack an understanding of the power that math proficiency brings to personal lifestyles and professional options. A2A will incorporate teaching methods that will help more students engage with and be successful in Algebra II.

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