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  • Name:Ms. Petra Chavez
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  • Organization Name:CAMINOS Pathways Learning Center
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    United States

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  • Mission:
  • The mission of CAMINOS is to facilitate the personal and economic development of low-income, immigrant women by offering an integral education of computer technology, job skills, and self-development. CAMINOS further supports its participants through job training and creation of small business projects and cooperatives that strengthen the self -reliance of each woman and contribute to the greater health of the family and community.
    CAMINOS was founded in 1999 to promote digital inclusion and economic self-sufficiency through technology education and job training. During the 1990s, jobs requiring computer-literate workers were being created all over the Bay Area, yet the Latino community, and women in particular, were unable to compete for these jobs because they lacked access to technology training. To work towards bridging the digital divide, CAMINOS began offering computer literacy in Spanish to newly arrived Latina immigrants, putting them on a path towards occupational and economic mobility.
    CAMINOS has also provided classes in Mandarin, Cantonese and Hindu.
    Approximately 80% of those completing our program over the past decade reported being able to: obtain promotions or salary increases at their current jobs; transition into jobs with salaries above minimum wage; move into entry-level jobs in the formal economy; establish micro and small businesses; earn a second income through part-time work in computer repair; utilize online resources; and participate more fully in their children’s education or online activities.
    More than 3,900 women and their families from four Bay Area counties have benefited from CAMINOS’ programs since 1999. CAMINOS engages in three principal activities: 1) technology education; 2) job training; 3) low-cost computer repair services through our social enterprise, known as Mission Tech; and 4) nonprofit and small business technical support services.
    Each year, Mission Tech serves as a source for technical support, training and capacity building for 400 low-income families as well as nonprofits, schools and small businesses. Its service to the community has elevated the profile of Mission Tech to be known as a lead service agency in technology in San Francisco and surrounding communities.
    Mission Tech was recently selected to provide the lead tech support for a national Broadband Technology Opportunities project funded by the Federal Stimulus Plan. This involves the planning and implementation of a centrally managed and administered network that will span 17 locations nationwide. This project will provide technology access and bilingual training to 15,000 unduplicated users annually and will create 2,100 jobs.
    CAMINOS also promotes digital literacy and broadband adoption through a mobile lab and a tailored curriculum to meet the needs of various parts of our community, i.e. parent groups at local schools, patient groups at hospitals and clinics, small business leaders and employees, and school instructors.
    Using the mobile labs, CAMINOS collaborates with local hospitals and clinics to provide a 12-week basic digital literacy course to patients with chronic illnesses who become digitally literate and able to access web-based resources to learn more about and manage their illness. Courses include such topics as diabetes, nutrition and weight control, hypertension, etc.
    The mobile labs are also taken to local schools for parent classes and teacher training sessions, using a curriculum developed according to the needs of each group. Our students are also involved in promoting educational equity in our school district. In parent training sessions, Latino parents learn how to use the program “School Loop”, an effective parent/teacher communication tool which currently records 99% Caucasian usage.
    Our efforts are based on the knowledge that the digital era is bringing in a new renaissance – but only for those who can participate. Without proper planning and education, poor communities will not be integrated into the technological era, further exacerbating existing equity problems.

  • History:
  • CAMINOS was established in 1999 to ensure that low-income, Latina immigrant women could reap the benefits of the digital information revolution as a means of empowering them toward lifelong productivity. A blend of traditional classroom instruction, needs-specific workshops and access to computer technology is meant to provide educational opportunities for persons limited by illiteracy, poverty and inadequate English language skills. Its areas of focus are education, economic self-sufficiency and job training.
    Caminos has consistently made Latina immigrant women an integral part of our staff and Board of Directors. One hundred percent of our instructors, 60% of our staff and 90% of our Board of Directors are current or former Caminos students. An advisory board of local leaders and professionals provides guidance in board training, consulting, stewardship, resource development and public relations to our community board.
    Courses at CAMINOS include: Basic Digital Literacy, Microsoft Office Applications, Web Page Design, various multi-media programs, ESL and computer repair. In 2003, CAMINOS initiated a social enterprise, CAMINOS Computer Services, to provide hands-on experience in computer repair, customer service, and management for our students, and to connect families to low-cost computer options, broadband service and computer repair and maintenance.
    In 2008, a fire destroyed our rented building. Programs continued, thanks to nonprofits that provided temporary space, and individuals, foundations, and community groups that donated new and used computers, office supplies, financial support, etc.
    In 2009, the social enterprise program was re-branded and renamed “Mission Tech” as a first step in a move to develop it into a collective business for interested graduates of our computer repair program.
    In 2010, Mission Tech was charged with designing and implementing a program for technology and small business development for use nationally in collaboration with the National Association for Community Asset Builders (NALCAB). This national network is establishing the Latino Microenterprise Tech Net (LMTN) which will equip 17 centers at 11 economic development institutions nationwide with public computer centers hosting a total of 300 workstations, standardized bilingual English-Spanish training curriculum for entrepreneurs, and the tools and resources to equip Latino micro entrepreneurs with skills to establish and grow their business. For this project, Mission Tech is charged with:

    - The design, construction and maintenance of the central server in San Francisco that connects the 17 sites
    - Technical project management services & implementation consulting
    - Branch Setup & Installation Support (20 Hours per Site)
    - Project & Technology Documentation (Admin/User Guidelines, Network Policies, Outage Plans,
    Branch Admin Guide)
    - Branch Site Technology Planning & Support
    - Training Manuals (CAMINOS Copyrighted Material/Licensed to Use)
    - Trainer Manuals with Course Outlines, Lesson Plans, Exams & Presentations
    - Train-the-Trainer Onsite Training (5-Day Training/40 Hours)
    - Training Support per Branch Site (Email, Telephone or Virtual Meeting)
    - Training Web Portal for Trainers & Training Assistants
    - Support for Business Plan Pro by Palo Alto Software (Spanish Edition)

    Also introduced in 2010 was the Mobile Learning Program, promoting digital literacy and broadband adoption through a mobile lab and tailored curriculum to meet the needs of various parts of our community. This project makes use of two mobile learning labs, each consisting of ten laptops encased in a unit that can easily be transported.
    In May of 2010, CAMINOS will move to its new, permanent home, Plaza Adelante, within a few blocks of the original site in the Mission District. Plaza Adelante is a collaborative community resource for low and moderate-income Latino immigrant families offering an array of social services. Mission Tech designed and implemented the building technology plan.

  • Year established:1999
  • Endowment:Unknown


  • Executive / Trustee board size:3
  • Advisory board size:7
  • Staff size:13


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  • Country of registration:United States
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  • IRS Section:501(c)(3)
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  • Tax ID:94-3323967

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