Colorado Service Dogs, Inc. (Strasburg, CO)


  • Name:Mrs. Lija Day
  • Title:Co-Founder, President & CEO

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  • Organization Name:Colorado Service Dogs, Inc.
  • Address:3034 Quarterland Street
    Strasburg, CO 80136
    United States

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  • Main phone:303-669-5916

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  • Home phone:303-622-9382

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  • Mission:
  • Provide trained service dogs to people whom have disabilities, including on going support services and training.

    For the dogs...
    Acquiring from a variety of sources including rescues, organizations, and local animal shelters.

    For people with disabilities...
    To provide quality trained service dogs and continued client support and training for the duration of the working team.

    For the community...
    To educate, enlighten and enrich the lives of individuals in the use of quality trained dogs in disability awareness presentations and demonstrations in schools, churches and throughout the community.

  • History:
  • Since its founding in 2008, Colorado Service Dogs, Inc. (CSD) has provided service dogs to residents of the Denver Metro area with a wide range of special needs including, diabetes, and seizures, mobility and children living with autism. The Founders knew from personal experience that these dogs provide companionship, security, and independence for their human partners. They came together because of their common interest in improving the quality of life for their community members who need assistance.

    In 2001, Co-Founder Sharon Davis began looking for a service dog for her disabled daughter, and discovered there was a four year waiting list in Colorado. Ms. Davis, already a professional dog trainer with over 30 years of experience, chose to find and train a service dog for her daughter on her own rather than wait for an agency to provide one. Once Ms. Davis became aware of the demand for service dogs within her own community, she and co-founder Lija Day started Colorado Service Dogs, Inc. to help meet the growing need in the Denver Metro area. Co-Founder Lija Day, who spent over fifteen years in the private sector in Customer Service, has had personal need for a medical alert service dog and a mobility service dog. Because of the freedom and security Ms. Day’s service dogs have provided her, she is passionate about ensuring that other community members with special needs have access to service dogs in a reasonable amount of time, regardless of their financial situation.

  • Year established:2008
  • Endowment:Unknown


  • Executive / Trustee board size:5
  • Advisory board size:0
  • Staff size:5


  • Organization type:Grantseeker
  • Country of registration:United States
  • Tax Determination Letter:Received Determination Letter
  • IRS Section:501(c)(3)
  • IRS Subsection:509(a)(2)
  • Tax ID:26-2228966

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