Media Test - QR Code

The QR (Quick Response) code is a matrix barcode. The Common Grant Application provides QR codes for each application, under the Application Status tab and also in PDF files. The QR code may be scanned by a camera with the appropriate software from your phone or tablet. The code provides information that will allow the browser on your camera or tablet to take you directly to the application in your Common Grant Application account. There are many free and nominally priced QR readers/scanners for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and other devices. They may be found in the appropriate application store or by searching on the Internet for QR reader or QR scanner.

As an example, the following QR is encoded to take your phone or tablet to QR code

To use the QR code to jump to an application do the following: Login to your account from your device, scan the QR code from your device, and then click on the URL displayed on your device screen. This will jump you directly to the application.