Media Test - Document and Media File Extensions

Document and Media File Extensions
File Extension Name Type
.avi Microsoft AVI Video
.flv Adobe Flash Video Video
.m4v MPEG-4 Video
.mp4 MPEG-4 Video
.mov Apple QuickTime Movie Video
.mpg MPEG Video Video
.swf Adobe Shockwave Flash Video
.wmv Windows Media Video
.aif Audio Interchange File Format Audio
.mid Musical Instrument Digital Interface Audio
.mp3 MPEG Audio Audio
.wav Waveform Audio File Audio
.bmp Bitmap Image
.gif Graphics Interchange Format Image
.jpg Joint Pictures Expert Group Image
.png Portable Network Graphics Image
.tif Tagged Image File Image
.doc Microsoft Word Text
.docx Microsoft Word Text
.pdf Adobe Portable Document Format Text
.txt Text Text
.xls Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
.xlsx Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
.ppt Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation
.pptx Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation
.qbw Intuit QuickBooks Accounting