Learn About the Common Grant Application - Introduction

The Common Grant Application is a grant management system for grantmakers, and a common application for applicants.

Our grant management system provides a simple, easy, flexible and inexpensive means to manage applications, agreements, reports and payments.

Grant Management and the Common Application

Grantmakers can receive, track, review, evaluate and manage online and paper-based grant and scholarship applications, agreements, reports and payments. Applicants can submit, track, review, and manage applications, agreements, reports and payments.

Using the system is simple. Grantmakers open an account and provide information about their organization and grantmaking interests and activities. Applicants open an account and perform research on grantmakers and if they think there is a match between their programs and a particular grantmakers funding interests and activities they submit an application to the grantmaker. The grantmaker receives, reviews, evaluates and manages application.

All information is private and secure and the applications applicants submit to grantmakers can only be seen between the specific applicant and grantmaker.

The CGA is a Web-based service. The service does not require any software other than a Web browser to run on the user's computer. It is accessible from the Internet and always available (other than during software, hardware, and database maintenance periods). The service consists of software running on an independent Internet Service Provider (ISP) server, documentation describing how to use the service, and access to customer support by email or phone.