Learn About the Common Grant Application - Grantmaker Features

The Common Grant Application is a full featured and complete grant management system. The following services and features are available to grantmakers:

Manage applications, agreements, reports and payments

Manage your applications, agreements, reports and payments from one place. Receive and process online and paper-based applications.

Manage when, from who and what types of applications you receive. One or more users may be given permission to evaluate applications. Easily manage the application evaluation process to reach a decision of whether to approve, reject or defer an application. After approval of an application, manage the reporting process. Information and changes in status are available to the grantmaker and applicant in real-time. Control the privacy and sharing of your information. Export information to other systems as needed.

Manage application questions

Fexible and fully customizable application and report questions.

Receive and review Web or paper-based applications

Applications are normally received directly from the Web. Grantmakers that continue to receive paper-based applications can enter those paper-based applications and upload their supporting documents directly into the system, and make them part of the same database and workflow processes as the applications received from the Web. Grantmakers, at their discretion, can edit and update all fields of a submitted application. An application and its supporting documents are viewable online by Web browser.

Assign, score, rate and rank applications

One or more account users associated with the grantmaker may score, rate or rank (i.e. evaluate) applications. Account users may be assigned individually or as part of evaluator groups, to evaluate applications. Account users may be part of more than one evaluator group. Account users evaluate an application by logging into the account, selecting and reviewing an application and its supporting documentation and then rating or ranking the application. There are different mechanisms available to evaluate the application, and in all cases it is also possible to enter notes and comments about the application. There are standard rating and ranking mechanisms, as well as a customizable rating matrix, available for use. The account owner can review, summarize and report the results of the evaluation and then approve, reject or defer the application.

Approve and reject applications

The grantmaker can change and manage the status of an application by receiving, accepting and rejecting and an application. Applications may also be moved to future or past grant cycles. Additional status information related to non-profit status check, OFAC check and reports can also be managed.

Schedule payments

After approving an application the grantmaker can enter more detailed information about the funding decision and indicate the amount approved, payment schedule and whether a report is required or not.

Receive and review reports

At the time a grantmaker approves an application they can specify whether or not a grant report is required at the completion of the grant. The applicant may submit one or more interim and/or final reports for each application. The grantmaker is informed as these reports are received. The reports are viewable online by Web browser.

Generate and export or print various reports

An integrated and extensive set of real-time viewable general and detailed reports and summaries are available. These reports and summaries are viewable online by Web browser and may also be exported. There are standard as well as customizable reports. All applications and their supporting documents are also viewable online by Web browser and exportable. Information may be exported in the Excel format for use by other commercial and custom software applications or business information systems.

Provide real-time status updates

Monitor and review detailed real-time status information about the account, applications, grants and grant reports. The system generates a number of automatic emails, depending on settings configured by the grantmaker, to alert the grantmaker to any changes in status. Changes made to the status of an application are also automatically reported to the applicant.