Learn About the Common Grant Application - Grantmaker Benefits


Grantmakers spend a great deal of time and money receiving, reviewing, evaluating and managing applications, grants and grant reports. This effort typically involves board members, executive directors, program officers, or others in the grantmaking organization. The Common Grant Application offers the following benefits:

  • Saves time and money – Save time and money receiving, entering, reviewing, evaluating and managing applications, agreements, reports and payments and focus your grantmaking activities in the highest likely areas of interest and success.
  • Improves efficiency – Collect, organize, collate, manage and report information online and automatically.
  • Improves transparency and visibility – Share information about your grantmaking interests and activities with applicants. Also share information about the progress and status of applications and reports.
  • Improves communication and collaboration – Communicate, collaborate and share information between your staff and board members as well as between applicants and other grantmakers independent of time or geography.
  • Improves the grantmaking experience – Improve the consistency, responsiveness, timeliness, visibility and transparency of your grant management process.

The Common Grant Application can:

  • Save direct costs
  • Save opportunity costs
  • Improve your reputation