Learn About the Common Grant Application - Applicant Features

The Common Grant Application is a full featured and complete common application. The following services and features are available to applicants:

Manage applications, agreements, reports and payments

Manage your applications, agreements, reports and payments from one place. Re-use the same information for different grantmakers or use different information for different grantmakers. Submit applications to one or more grantmakers. Information and changes in status are available to the applicant in real-time. Control the privacy and sharing of your information. Export information to other systems as needed.

Submit Web applications

Applicants may work on their applications over any time frame they wish. The information may be reused and does not need to be re-entered for each application. The application and its supporting documents are viewable online by Web browser.

Submit reports

At the time a grantmaker approves an application they can specify whether or not a report is required at the completion of the grant. The applicant may submit one or more interim and/or final reports for each application. The grantmaker is informed as these reports are received. The reports are viewable online by Web browser.

Generate and export or print various reports

An integrated and extensive set of real-time viewable general and detailed reports and summaries are available. These reports and summaries are viewable online by Web browser and may also be exported. All applications and their supporting documents are also viewable online by Web browser and exportable. Information may be exported in the Excel format for use by other commercial and custom software applications or business information systems.

Review real-time status updates

Monitor and review detailed real-time status information about the account, applications or reports. The system generates a number of automatic emails, depending on settings configured by the applicant, to alert the applicant to any changes in status.