Signing into Your Account - Registering the First Time

Please register so you will be able to login. Once you login you will be able to set up an account (read more below about setting up your account), and depending on whether you are an applicant or grantmaker; search for and apply to grantmakers or receive and manage applications from applicants.

  Go to the Register or Sign-Up button at the top of the Common Grant Application page.
  Enter your contact information.
  Enter your organization information.
  Choose your user name and password. Please note the user name should be between 4 - 50 characters long. You may use any characters, numbers, or letters for your user name. A user name can be any made up name or word, or an email address – whichever you are more comfortable using. The password should be between 6 - 10 characters long. No spaces are allowed in the user name or password.
  After you have registered successfully, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address with your user name and password – please check your email account for the registration confirmation email.
  After receiving the registration confirmation email, you may login to the website to use your account by going to the Login page.