Signing into Your Account - Problems Registering

If you are having problems registering, review the following information for a possible solution.

Problem Possible Solution
I'm being told that I've already registered. The CGA website requires a unique user name for every user. If you do not believe you ever registered on CGA, then someone else may have used the same user name.
I did not receive a registration confirmation email. If you don't receive your registration confirmation email, do the following:

Check to see if your inbox is full. If it is full, delete some email so that you can receive new ones. After deleting email, contact CGA to resend your registration confirmation email.

If you have a bulk mail or junk mail folder, check that folder for the registration confirmation email. The CGA registration confirmation email will have the Subject header of: "[Common Grant Application] Registration Confirmation".

Wait for a couple of hours. Since CGA doesn't control your email system, your email may not arrive instantly.

Contact CGA to resend your registration confirmation email.
I don't see a registration form on the register page. The CGA website is down for software or database maintenance or backup. Wait for a little while and come back to try again.