FAQs (Applicant) - Overview

What types of funding can I seek using the Common Grant Application?

The types of funding that you can seek will depend entirely on the interests of the grantmakers that register with this Website. Some types of grants that grantmakers may be interested in making include: operating grants, program grants, direct grants, program related investments, etc. Some of the causes that grantmakers may be interested in supporting include: Arts, culture, humanities; Disaster relief; Education; Environment, animals; Health; Human services; Income; International or Foreign Affairs; Public benefit, society benefit; Religion; Science, technology; Social science, public policy; etc.

Can an applicant access or copy and re-use any of their previous applications?

All successfully submitted applications and the real-time status of those applications is always visible to the applicant for review.

The applicant may reuse any previous provided information or documents..

Can an applicant submit the same application to more than one grantmaker?

The applicant may easily reuse the same information and documents to submit the same or a new application to different grantmakers.

Can an applicant start, leave and then continue filling out an application?

Applicants can maintain information about their organization as well as information about one or more of their organization's programs. Applicants may enter their organizational and program information in any order and over any time frame they wish. The information may be reused and does not need to be re-entered for each application. An applicant creates an application by selecting a program, and a grantmaker that the selected program will be submitted to as an application.

Can the applicant view all of the application questions before they start filling out the application?

All questions may be viewed before any information is entered. Any information that has been entered and saved or any documents that have been uploaded will always be available for future use or applications.